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DWN was made in 72 hours for the 42nd Ludum Dare game jam.

The mouse is the only controller. Left click to open and close the address book and pick up the stamps. If you then click outside of the box while holding the stamp, you will put the stamp down; if you click on the box you will stamp the stamp and if you right click anywhere you will put the stamp down. Left click to pick up and put down the scanner.

In the dropper section the box will follow your mouse left and right, and will drop after three seconds. In the lower right hand corner a back button will appear to go back to the label/address checking section.
Menu controls are mouse and left click.

You play as a courier who's job is to check the information on the packages and then load them into his van. As the days go on the more packages you need to fit into the van.

There is a story to this game so if you find it to hard download the story version. In the dropper section press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+up arrow, and you will "put" boxes in your van, making it easy to level up and see the story. Please try the normal way first.


DWN (Base Game) 16 MB
DWN (Story Edition) 16 MB

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