The early version on DanceFu made in the 41st Ludum Dare.

The controls are: Player One: A = Move Left, D = Move Right, W = Jump, U = Punch, and I = Kick, if you plug in a controller the left joystick, left and right moves character left and right, A = Jump, X = Punch, Y = Kick. 

Player Two: Left Arrow Key = Move Left, Right Arrow Key = Move Right, Up Arrow Key = Jump, Numpad1 = Punch, Numpad2 = Kick, If you plug in a second controller it takes over player twos movement with same controls as player one. 

The aim of the game is to attack to the beat by pressing the correct button Once it hits the little bar icon down the bottom.

 menu controls are mouse and left click.

(character art made by my good friend Blair, All other art made by me, and special thanks to Ethan, Matthew, and Tom, for keeping me sane through this amazing experience!)


DanceFu For Windows 12 MB

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